Version Tree Browser availability

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Jun 14, 2006 at 5:20 AM
I have had this project in my mind for months now and am finally taking some action on it. TFS is lacking in V 1.0 for having a Version Tree Browser. In speaking with Brian Harry of the development team on the likelihood and potential availability of such a thing he acknowledged that the team had begun some high level discussions of what such a thing may be like. But that it was very much a rudimentary discussion.

He expressed that it was not slated to be in the Orcas version but most likely the version to follow and perhaps a beta of such a browser when Orcas released. So... that is some time off.

Both he and Rob Caron expressed support for a community development project to provide the immediate functionality. With that in mind my plan is to use this project to create a simple straight forward and useful tool to allow visualization of source version trees.

This will also give us a nice excuse to play with .NET 3.0 for the purpose of the WPF, XAML etc. Should be fun.

The dev team will likely be pretty small only due to logistical management but that doesn't mean the stakeholders, testers, analysts, users etc can't all be as large of a community as is interested.