Assembly Dependency Model



I don't think vtree.exe will need any direct dependency on CodePlex.Vertigo.dll, will it? I'm seeing the various interface wrappers (WinForm, IDE, potentially WebForm) as being exceedingly thin - effectively just hosts for the controls. Thus, the controls can be self-aware.

The other option, of course, is that the interface-specific hosts are also serving as a limited sort of manager/factory for the whole setup.

Eric -> Updated image. As currently drawn I've assumed the controls library/namespace (if not the actual user control itself) contains the knowledge required to access the logic directly.

Eric -> It feels like we've stalled on this - even though it's only been a week. I think the next big disccusion needs to be to decide exactly what is passed between Vertigo.TeamFoundation and Vertigo.Controls. Is it a custom object graph? Is it the team foundation API objects? Is it an object graph created using the StronglyTypedDataSet as a tool? These are the option. Let's figure out our Data Representation Format soon! (yes, I created a page for that discussion too!)

MR -> I don't consider it a stall. Fourth of July week, summer, everyone I have talked to personally has been swamped. I'm expecting this to start back up with force. I know I now am recovered from more work than I could shake a stick at.

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