I am a senior software engineer based in the United States. I have existing personal travel plans that put me in London on the two days of the conference, so I would like to attend both as an individual and as a representative of my company (SEP, Inc.). I have served as project lead and technical lead on multiple software projects utilizing a variety of automated testing tools, including leading a pair of automated system validation efforts.

I am keenly interested in the extension of automated testing throughout the software development lifecycle. I’m fascinated by the potential of extending the concept of test-first up from the coding level across the integration, verification, and acceptance worlds, and would love to see more research on the practical application of these approaches. The vision of a development effort where analysts specify the entire system in terms of the tests that much pass is exceedingly compelling.

I am excited by the variety of talks you have announced. The focus on test automation in the real, practical world is of utmost importance to the future of out industry, especially in the regulated environments I often work. I’m especially looking forward to Ernst’s talk on impoverished test suites and Mugridge’s talk on using tests to communicate with the business.

For more information about me, please contact me at eric.willeke@gmail.com or view my resume posted on the CodePlex project I contribute to.

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