Bernardo Heynemann works as software architect for Perlink Consulting, Brazil. Currently working with a large web/smart client application product. Been using TFS since Beta 1 (Yes I know it wasn´t usable, been there!), but was dreaming of TFS way back.

The other dream tech in my eyes at present is Indigo (Code Name for the new Communication Architecture by MS). It blows my mind what they are doing with Indigo.

I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I´ve been to two Regional Architecture Forum, which is the most important conference in my country. There I had contact with DSL which is another one of those "WOW-things". When I first heard that we were using DSL in this project I thought: "YES!". But now I see that it´s not the best practice.

My current reading book is "Framework Design Guidelines" by Cwalina and Abrams. I really think every single .Net developer should read it. It´s SOOOO great to finally see a definitive guide about naming, whether to use classes or structs or interfaces, apropriate namespace usage, and so much more value.

Well as background info, been working with MS Tech since 1997 and don´t intend to change soon.

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