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Heynemann -> Michael asked me to post the screenshot of the changeset display user control I´m working in. So, here it is:

_Eric -> This looks great! Me being me, I've got all sorts of comments, but this is an awesome start.
Eric's Comments:
  1. Label should be "Files" not "Source Files" (more than source goes into source control)
  2. Changes Applied either be limited to the source files tab or clarified that this applies to the currently selected item
  3. The "Number of items checked-in" entry seems to be displaying the changeset number, not the count of attached files.
  4. Depending on how this control fits in the windows, it may make sense for the five options to be in a tool-bar format like the VS panes
  5. Consider changing the titles to "Changeset Information" and "File information" or something similar

Heynemann -> Comments about the comments:
  1. I agree, I´ll change it later.
  2. I didn´t get it. All the information in the changeset display applies only to the selected item.
  3. Hehehe it´s just a prototype. The labels are static, I copied the label that had 3333 as text and didn´t change it.
  4. Hmmm... The five items are pretty much in a toolbar just like the check-in dialog of VS.
  5. I agree again. I´ll change it later.

_Eric -> Comments about the cough** comments about the comments
  1. This is OBE by the changes in item five. On first glance I thought it was something different
  1. I'm picturing the toolbar more like the Team Explorer pane or the Solution pane... a docked window vs. a popup dialog.

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