Originally, I had established an external community for the store of publically shared documents.Turn out Eric W. came up with a better idea and that lets us stay in the domain space we'd prefer.

Use the file attachment mechanism on the documents page. Upload your file and the make a reference to it in the wiki page with the file markup.

Note Some files types cannot be uploaded. One is .htm so change it to .html and then it will load.

To create subfolder for documents just create another wiki page and do the same. Add the folder.png file in front of the new page wiki so we know it's a folder meant for more document storage.

_Eric W: Can we just edit the requirements as a list directly on the wiki? Unless we need a file as a reference of some sort, I'd personally prefer to have requirements, etc just be entries on the wiki page directly. However, as a quick DocLib, I like what you've set up.

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