Project Vertigo

Vision Statement

Provide a version tree browser for team foundation source control that is fully integrated into the Visual Studio 2005 environment with features matching or exceeding those available from ClearCase and Eclipse.

Iteration 1 Vision Statement

Produce a basic visual representation of the changeset history of a versioned item. The display and logic libraries will be structured to enable Visual Studio integration, but this version will be a simple Windows Forms application taking a path and displaying the history.

Iteration 2 Vision Statement

These are really lists of customer requirements at this point, so we need to move these out to requirements/goals locations and state as visions here
Integrate with the IDE.
Expand the information in the image with more than changeset ID.
  • Branches
  • Labels
  • Check in comments
  • Associated work items

Iteration 3 Vision Statement

Additional integration points in IDE Improve external viewer
Improve graphics

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