Source Repository Template Map

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Eric -> One of the things we've learned the hard way - if things in External are going to be referenced by the projects (NUnit .dll's, for example), then it's VERY nice if all of the branches (including main) can be kept at the same depth. We usually do this with a Source folder that contains Latest (aka main) and all of the release folders. There's many approaches that satisfy this, but they all seem to involve using an extra level on your main source tree.

MR -> I know what you mean and brings out a folder I forgot. I didn't mean for the external path to be referenced directly from projects for one of the reasons you just mentioned. The relative ref paths would change. I meant for it to be a silo storage area. But I forgot to place a consistent path within the solution for that. I have added that to the map and repository. The appropriate external dll's are meant to be copied into the external folder of the solution. Each solution should be stand alone in terms of containing access within itself all information it needs so that regardless of placement on a build machine, workspace etc. the relative paths always remain in tact.

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